[INTERVIEW] EFDD: “The EU has no business in these businesses!”

In an exclusive interview to DigiTallinn, the EFDD faction of the European Parliament lays out their concerns over the amendments passed by the FAC, COMPET and EPSCO Councils, revealing that they are seeking to erase the provisions of non-transferrable paternal leave altogether during the EP Plenary voting. DigiTallinn (DT) – First of all, thank you... Continue Reading →



ALDE has expressed their concern regarding the COMPET council proposal on geo-blocking ALDE representatives told DigiTallinn that the Political Group has reached an agreement to push the proposal on the geo-blocking toward a more European general framework, rather than the level of the Member States. During an interview, a representative of ALDE said that they... Continue Reading →

United in Diversity: MEU Tallinn 2017 Eurofeast!

The first day of simulation at MEU Tallinn 2017 ended with a culinary trip around the world, a display of national costumes and a showcase of collective singing prowess. After a long and arduous simulation day, with working sessions for the EPSCO, FAC and COMPET Councils, MEU Tallinn (MEUT) participants and organisers headed to Alter... Continue Reading →

[FAC] Ministers agree on two PESCO amendments

The Foreign Affairs Council changes the Amendment submitted by the Croatian Minister The Foreign Affairs Council meeting started with the representative of Croatia submitting an amendment regarding the potential breaking of entry requirements by Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) members. The initial text of the amendment submitted by the Croatian Minister, represented by Mr. Julius Graack,... Continue Reading →

[EPSCO]: Amendments expected despite claims of “Eurocracy”

The Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumers (EPSCO) Council resumed its works on the Work-Life Balance Directive this morning in Tallinn, Estonia. The EPSCO Ministers are hopeful that some key proposed amendments will pass, despite current remarks from particular representatives classifying the discussions as “undemocratic”. Speaking to DigiTallinn after yesterday’s afternoon session, EPSCO’s Hungarian Minister,... Continue Reading →

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