Humans of MEU Tallinn 2017 (1)

Whether it’s your first or your tenth simulation, a Model European Union is always a great opportunity to discover a new country, meet new friends, and work on countless skills that will be useful later in your professional life. MEU Tallinn is no exception to this, and the 2017 edition managed to gather about 70 participants from all over the EU and beyond, with different walks of life and different ambitions.

For Jessica Klemeier, German but currently living in Italy, MEU Tallinn is a “great simulation for beginners” due to the duality of roles – unlike other MEUs, at MEUT they get the opportunity to act both as Council ministers and Members of the European Parliament. This is Jessica’s second MEU simulation, after a first stint at MEU Strasbourg.

Coming from Czech Republic, Tomáš Jančar is experiencing his first MEU simulation after a couple of participations at Model United Nations (MUN) simulations. After representing the United Kingdom in the COMPET Council during the first two MEUT days, he is now taking the role of a Green/EFA MEP. Comparing his MUN experiences with his time at MEUT, Tomas thinks that “at an MEU, you get a bit more insight on the topic you are dealing with, and it’s easier to prepare your position”. This Law student is enjoying his participation and his visit so far: “I quite like Estonia and Tallinn, and I haven’t found anything I didn’t like at MEUT so far”.

For some participants, MEU Tallinn might not be their first MEU experience ever, but it’s certainly their first one in English. Giovanni Facchini, an Italian student from Trento, joined MEU Tallinn for mainly two reasons: “I wanted to take part in an English-speaking MEU in order to improve my language skills, and I had never visited Estonia before”. For Giovanni, the experience has been very nice so far although he thinks he prefers “being an MEP rather than a Council Minister, because I hope to work at the real European Parliament one day”.

Among MEU Tallinn 2017’s participants, you will also find seasoned MEU-ers. That’s the case of Rémi Carton, for whom the Tallinn simulation is his fifth MEU (besides having a couple of MUNs under his belt). When comparing his experience at MEU Tallinn with his previous simulations, he considers that “it is very interesting in a way, but [the dual roles participants play as Ministers and MEPs] somehow supresses the interactivity and the dynamics seen between both EU bodies at other MEU simulations”.

Besides agreeing on the added value of this experience and their appreciation for what they’ve seen of Estonia so far, there’s something else these four participants agree to – the sunny weather experienced in Tallinn during this exciting week has been “surprising”, and they’re quite happy about that!


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