BREAKING NEWS [EPSCO and COMPET]: Greens/EFA accuse EPP of trading amendments

In exclusive last-minute declarations to DigiTallinn, Greens/EFA MEP Antonios Vasilakis Kinalis expressed his utmost dissatisfaction with the behaviour demonstrated by some EPP MEPs during the inter-parliamentary negotiations.

“I’m particularly talking about Article 5 of the Work-Balance Directive, which foresees that parents use their parental leave until the child is 12 years old, and we wanted to amend it to 14 years old”, explained MEP Kinalis. “When we approached the EPP, they had no reason to say no to it, but they’ve been actively seeking a trade-off for their own purpose. I find it unacceptable that EPP is more focusing on trading votes rather than listening to rational and logical arguments”.

The same dissatisfaction was corroborated by Green/EFA MEP Tomáš Jančar, whose forte pertains to the COMPET Directive on the Digital Single Market: “Considering their opinion about geo-blocking regulation, the EPP doesn’t care about the citizens anymore”.

When asked to comment on these statements, EPP MEP Christoph Raab stated that the EPP has the interests of the people at heart and “will vote within the party line, with some margin for disagreement”.

DigiTallinn will keep monitoring these developments closely.


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