BREAKING NEWS! ECR condemns the EPP regarding EPSCO

ECR has accused EPP party of being deconstructive regarding the EPSCO proposal. In an interview with DigiTallinn, a representative of the ECR said that the EPP has formed an alliance with ALDE and S&D, and together they are going to follow a strictly social line within the EPSCO proposal.

They are not going to discuss it in the parliament, they will just follow a socialist line about EPSCO, and we believe that they are going against the electorate with this”, the representative said.

He also said that a number of EPP members are against this stance, but they are anyway going to be in line with their party’s decision in the session.

They don’t have the courage to say so [that they don’t agree with their party line]”.

About the amendments, ECR is going to propose a change of a part of the 3rd Article, namely the point (d) of the Article.

Arian Lumezi


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